Wind Sprints
To develop your speed by improving the effectiveness of your fast twitch muscles. Perform sprints at 100% maximum effort, starting out at a rolling speed of 15-22 mph. When ready, get out of the saddle, and accelerate to full speed then return to the saddle and try and maintain a smooth, steady pace for the sprint, keeping in mind that you are giving 100% effort. Sprints should be 10-12 second long, and have a recovery time of approx. 5-10 mins. in between.

Speed Intervals
Speed intervals should be done on relatively flat section of road with a slight tailwind to increase overall speed. Gear choice should be moderate, but a high pedal cadence. Speed, power, and accelerations are the key here, not heart rate. Perform these 3 times per week.

# of Intervals Time # of Sets # of Intervals/Set Recovery Time Between Sets
8 40 secs. 1 8 45 secs.
7 35 secs. 1 7 40 secs.
6 30 secs. 1 6 35 secs.
Training Intensity: ZONE 5

Power Starts
This workout should be performed on a flat section of road. Using a large gear and having a rolling start(slow, almost a stand still), get out of the saddle and jump on the pedals as hard as you can. Pull on the handlebars for leverage, and lean over each pedal as you force it downward. This workout should last no longer than 8-10 pedal strokes or 10-12 seconds.
Time between power starts: 3-5 mins of riding in ZONE 5 Training Intensity: Max effort, similar to a sprint.

Recommended Weight Excercises
Bench Press Upright Rowing
Tricep Press Arm Extension
Tricep Kickback Hamstring Curls
Bent Over Rowing Leg Press
Arm Curl Calf Raises

Steady State Intervals
The workout will help build your lactate threshold by training on the edge of aerobic/anaerobic threshold. This workout can be done either on or off-road, climbing a large, long and gradual hill. The intensity of this workout is in ZONE 4, and is very important that you maintain the prescribed intensity for the entire interval. Maintaining the training zone intensity is the most important factor.

# of Intervals Time # of Sets # of Intervals/Set Recovery Time Between Sets
2 20 mins. 1 2 25 mins.
2 15 mins. 1 2 15 mins.
2 10 mins. 1 2 10 mins.
Training Intensity: ZONE 4

Weight Training
Remember: Be sure that when lifting weights, not to exert maximum effort, instead, be sure that you can sustain the duration of the workout, without feeling complete exhaustion afterwards. Make sure you complete all reps and sets properly. The weight program is not for body building purposes, but to increase overall muscular endurance.

Click here for the weight lifting program.
*NOTE* This entire program is designed for me personally, it is here to give a general idea of which direction you should be going in regards to your own training. If you like what you see, feel free to copy the program, but it is recommended that you change it whatever ways necessary in order to suit your own needs/requirements.

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